The semester is coming to an end, and Im ready for this last year to be great. No more leaving my focus is officially on Keshante and her growth. With my mentor/brother by my side, pushing me to do great. I will. NCCU, I will be leaving my mark.     :) 


Ive been thinking maybe Im to selfish to myself… Ive been working on this family trying to make sure everything is fine at home, ripping and running to make sure everyone else is ok. But not thinking about myself… I made a big choice to leave again to come home. And Im regretting that choice. My heart wants to be back in the south finishing my degree, but its to late. In the mist of this I feel no help its like Im pulling this all together on my own. I cant do everything by myself and it hurts to see them not really care as much as I do. I feel taking for granted taken advantage of. My confidant told me “You came to help there’s no helping youre doing everything by yourself just stop”, but the only reason Im holding on is because I have a 3 year old who is looking at me for guidance. Life is just so complicated.  



found this today! i did this when i was in high school. it’s a drawing of noah and allie from the notebook. the two are drawn with the words “if i’m a bird, you’re a bird” over and over, and the background has a few quotes from the movie. done in a felt pen.


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I hate like really really HATE people that judge others off of their appearance or sexual orientation. My cousin hung out with Rose a transgender. Once a boy nd now a girl. Rose was a joy to be around before I even knew that information about her. And the fact my family sits here and judge Rose then the nerve to ask me am I atheist because I feel they are wrong for judging Rose. My auntie said “How can you not be happy in the body God gave you?” I can answer that PERFECTLY.! Right now you are trying to lose weight GOD gave you that body right? But you are trying to change it. Just like Rose, she was born a boy but she isn’t comfortable just like you aren’t comfortable with your weight so are you atheist???? Come on now simpleminded people.! Don’t be ignorant to society.!!!